Venus flytrap care

You have just purchased your venus flytrap, also called Dionaea Muscipula from your local garden store, or bought it online from a reputable seller, and you would like to have the right infos and/or guidance on how to give the best care to your plant?

The Basics

Only rain water. Venus flytraps need rain water. Distilled or purified water can be used but rain water is a first choice. DO NOT use tap water at all cost in order to avoid a painful death to your plants. Always keep your plant in about 3 to 5 cms (2 inches) of water (outside dormancy period) to simulate the life in the bogs, its natural habitat. (TIP: always put water directly in the plant’s saucer in order to avoid diseases to sink to the roots of the plant if watered from the top)

Dormancy period. Your VF needs a winter dormancy period in order to strive during the rest of the year. During the coldest month of the year, your VF will stop growing and some of its leaves will turn black and the plant looks like it is dying! No worries, make sure your plant is no longer bathing in water and is outside during the cold months. Venus flytrap as well as Sarracenia will survive below zero temperatures. (TIP: The Venus Flytrap can be put into a sealed plastic bag and placed into the refrigerator for 3 to 5 months. Once dormancy is over (around March), remove the plant from refrigerator and repot it in an appropriate medium).

Full sun. You bought your plant in a garden store and the label says keep your plant mid sun. Listen to the pro and put your VF under full sun. Your “Royal Red” or “Bohemian Garnet” will only reach their beautiful burgundy color under full sun.

Repotting. Some growers use fresh soil on a yearly basis. Make sure appropriate soil is used to repot your plant. Venus flytraps prefer growing in a sphagnum-based soil mix. (TIP: Only repot your plant early spring (March) and never during the growing months).

Propagation. Hey dude! This section is called “the basics”. If you feel you are ready for multiplying your Venus Flytrap click here.

The Cultivars

Only one Dionaea Muscipula exist but be reassured many cultivars are available. From small to giant. All green or all red. Small to melted fangs. We have have them described here.

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