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Here is the list of the plants I have collected over the years.

Dionaea Muscipula

VFT Akai Ryu

Akai Ryu

“Growth habit and flower morphology are typical for this species. The leaf petiole, blade and trap exhibit dark maroon to burgundy coloration. Any green coloration has only been noted around the center of the plant in mid-winter. The entire trap, interior and exterior, exhibits dark burgundy coloration throughout the year.”


All Green Form

A vigorous Dionaea Muscipula completely green even if grown in full sun light.

A perfect Venus Flytrap to add contrast to any collection especially with the red VF. 


“A cultivar germinated and named by Henning von Schmeling. Henning selected this plant because of its vigorous growth and brightly colored traps that are up to 5.7 cm (2.25 inches) long in conditions that yield smaller traps in most other strains.”

Big Mouth

Famed for its monstrous 5cm chunky traps that can be produced given optimum conditions ‘Big Mouth’ makes a lovely specimen plant. The traps are not only large but they have a fantastic deep red centre. It is an easy variety to look after with vigorous growth quickly clumping up. The traps are formed on short leaf stalks – very few tall traps are produced making a dense clump of the lovely red traps. “Little Shop of Horrors”

Bohemian Garnet

A cross between ‘Royal Red’ and  Dionaea ‘Sawtooth’. Marginal trichomes are reduced and divided to numerous toothlets similar to Dionaea ‘Sawtooth’. Adult plants are about 4-6 cm in diameter, only about half the size of most Dionaea (including Dionaea ‘Sawtooth’). Enormous proliferation. One individual is able to produce 10-30 or more offshoots during a single growth season!

VFT Crocodile


Crocodile was selected and named by Italian Dionaea grower Melly in 2008. The name comes from the shape of the forming traps looking like a crocodile. This VFT is missing its petiole. Very unusual cultivar!

Cupped Trap


A new cultivar raised by Little Shop of Horrors” from  a cross between ‘South West Giant’ and ‘Dingleys Big Vigorous’. Produces traps as large as ‘South West Giant’ but the plant is more compact, the petioles not quite having the length of ‘Souh West Giant’. Quickly forms a large clump making it an excellent specimen plant for a larger pot. This is the cultivar that was used by the BBC in the filming of the ‘Life’ series. Watch the YouTube Clip here.  ‘Darwin’ won the largest trap competition on the CPUK Forum 2011 website with traps measuring 5cm. “Little Shop of Horrors”



Fico D'India

Filiformis Verte

Flat Spotted

Fused Tooth

Fused Tooth (Yellow)


Selected by Graham Sadd back in the early nineties from a batch of Venus Flytraps bought in from the USA. G7 in an extremely vigorous and robust plant with good red colouration and in the later months producing a distinctive deep red stripe on the outside on the trap just below the teeth. Good Sized plants in 8/5cm round pots. “Little Shop of Horrors”

Gap Teeth

Giant Sand

Great White Shark

A fantastic giant shark tooth plant bred and named by “Little Shop of Horrors” from a cross between ‘South West Giant’ x ‘Shark Tooth’ . We have grown a lot of plants from this cross but this plant definitely stood out and the biggest and best. The traps have good red colour with the triangular teeth of the ‘Shark Tooth’ with the size and vigour of ‘South West Giant’. Plants produced from division and are a good size . “Little Shop of Horrors”

Venus Flytrap Korean Melody Shark

Korean melody shark

Korean Melody Shark is a very unusual and rare Venus Flytrap. The petioles (the long part of the leaf that supports the trap) of Korean Melody Shark lack flanges, and therefore resemble jungle vines, sometimes curling around in squiggly shapes.


Marston Giant

Martha's lips

Red Piranha

Royal Red

A very dramatic, deep red Venus Fly Trap cultivar, one of the first red plant to be selected and named. The the whole plant will become red. The colour starts early in the season as a dark green/red colour but soon brightens in the sun to a rich burgundy. As with most carnivorous plants, the brightness of the red is slightly reduced in the year of repotting, full colour being restored in the following season. A fabulous contrast to other carnivorous plants. In winter most of the traps will die off – more so than many other varieties. “Little Shop of Horrors”



(Green) Sawtooth

Shark Teeth

South West Giant

Along with ‘B52’ Dionaea ‘South West Giant’ rates as one on the largest of the Venus Fly Trap cultivars. The traps reach 5-6cm and and the plant can reach 30cm dia. in optimum growing conditions. In the summer, the giant traps are produced on long petioles really showing off the size of the plant as a whole. “Little Shop of Horrors”

South West Giant x B52

South West Giant x Sawtooth


Dionaea muscipula ‘Spider’ is a plant selected over 10 years ago by Little Shop of Horrors in the UK and is very distinctive. It is a vigorous variety with extremely long thin leaf petioles only 3mm wide and up to 20cm long. The individual traps have long thin teeth giving it its delicate, spidery appearance. Early season growth is very upright, with the traps trailing gracefully later on. Little Shop of Horrors”




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