Royal Red


Venus Flytrap Bohemian Garnet clone Dionaea ‘ Royal Red ‘ AUPBR 464 and a more typically colored Dionaea ‘ Sawtooth ‘ B.Rice plant in 2000. It does not demonstrate any new mutation in general leaf form, but it does have new attributes which distinguish it from other, previously existing Dionaea Soland. ex Ellis cultivars. Establishing this plant name as a new cultivar will help keep proper order in the wide assortment of Dionaea muscipula Soland. ex Ellis cultivars already registered. This new cultivar differs in its growth from other Dionaea Soland. ex Ellis cultivars in the following ways: 1)All-red coloration of plants, similar to Dionaea ‘ Akai Ryu ‘ R.Gagliardo. 2)Marginal trichomes are reduced and divided to numerous toothlets similar to Dionaea ‘ Sawtooth ‘ B.Rice. Note that the trichomes on Dionaea ‘ Red Piranha ‘ E.Read are dentate, but not sawtooth. 3)Adult plants are about 4-6 cm in diameter, only about half the size of most Dionaea Soland. ex Ellis (including Dionaea ‘ Sawtooth ‘ B.Rice). 4)Enormous proliferation. One individual is able to produce 10-30 or more offshoots during a single growth season.”

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